Bill Maher 1956, Warren Buffett 1930, blockchain 2008

On April 30, 2021 Maher ended his show with strong words about Bitcoin. To summarize: nerds created it, it's terrible for the environment, it should be abandoned in order to save our lives.

He also points out he had people carefully explain it to him and that Warren Buffett also agrees. But something about being born myself in 1976 and having had a career as a software engineer from 1996 to present makes me want to object.

I think he’s just fundamentally just not accepting how big a change having the blockchain is and what Cardano (ADA) is doing now in 2021 to fix mistakes from 2008.

Sorry Bill, the blockchain will be around forever. There is simply no way to turn it off. Try and paint this picture of the future for me where people no longer have an incentive to participate in a distributed ledger. Start with this computer I’m typing on right now. It’s a MacBook Air. I own it. I bought it from Best Buy. It came with Apple’s OS called MacOS and I can run programs on it. At my discretion.

There is also Digital Ocean and Vultr type services where I can rent a computer. Same deal as this MacBook, I’m in control and I the human decide what this computer will do. Unless you are going to try and take these away from me: Think of more locked down devices like an iPhone or iPad. If you’ve heard the term “jailbroken” with these, it’s because I can’t run anything I want on them. I don’t own/rent them the way I do other computers.

So agree with me that unless every computer becomes like an iPad (and they also find a way to make jailbreaking them super illegal), people will still have and user computers.

Why wouldn’t I want to be a stake holder on the Cardano Blockchain? ADA uses significantly less electricity. This is the mistake from 2008 we are fixing. But outlaw computers? Why because this certain activity that our modern banking system now depends on better find a good power source? I agree coal is bad. I don’t agree computers should be the first thing to go.

We need a comprehensive power solution for all sorts of things in everyday life. The third network upgrade to Cardano is happening. It’s got everything to allow the blockchain of tomorrow to be much greener.