How to clone, build and run clout-cli

So by now you’ve probably heard of cloutcli on bitclout right?

This is a step by step guide to getting the source from and building it using the go language. You can be an absolute beginner. Ask questions in the comments and we’ll update this post.

From the github repository page click the green Code button.

Then select HTTPS, then the little clipboard icon to get that full url on your clipboard.

You’ll need git installed and you type: git clone <paste> return.

You’ll also need go installed.

You’ll also need gcc installed.

Go into the “clout-cli” directory and type “go mod vendor” and then “go build”.

After it builds the “ls” command should list the global feed. And now you are off to the races.

Use the “help” command to see a list of commands. Enjoy!