in sync (not the band)

How determined is the world to hold on to Monday through Friday as an official concept / way business is done?

Do you feel a little mixed up, turned around, hard to “deal” with everything going on in the world right now… did you ever not feel that way?

Coming to you from Lunar Pharmaceuticals in the summer of 2021, we bring you: the moon!

The above graphic shows the pattern the moon makes in number of days between “new moons” and “full moons” which happens around every 15 days, to be more specific between 13.91 days and 15.61 and it makes a nice little sign wave with rest periods.

Before you try your next anti-depression fix, try a little old fashion (like farmers from the 13th century knew this) moon sync.

Here is a calendar for 2021 with a new kind of weekend / work week definition. You get two days off before and after any red number. With normal Monday thru Friday, 52 weeks a year, you get 104 days off. With this schedule you get 48 "weekends" plus 24 "event days" for total of 120 days off.

So look at the first graphic again. At every peak and every valley, you pause, rest up. You’re on this crazy spaceship no matter what, might as well swim with the current?

What current does your arbitrary Monday through Friday sync with?

For upcoming tools to help developers with this schedule see the open source github repo.

The next big event to focus on as of writing this is the April 27. I don’t care what day of the week the 27 is, it might be a “workday” but it’s a day off. And I plan for it to be a day off well in advance.

And then back to work a few days after, and maybe you take a few days off before the event too and that’s your schedule.

There are only 24 or 25 events each year. These are your holidays.