The JennaMarbles Scam

Does the name JennaMarbles mean anything to you? I knew the name and knew she was a youtube star with 20+ million subscribers. So when I saw her appear on BitClout on May 27 2021 with very few follows, I thought, wow: undervalued coin!

I bought 1k worth and the account had a 15% Founder Rewards Percent.

After the purchase I felt good, smug even. Like I had found a great opportunity and jumped on it.

Then a few minutes later:

Notice on the right side the account owner SOLD all 10.9531 coins at the high price I helped increase.

Now my 6.5365 coins are only worth $175.97!

Jenna took the money and ran! Or, was it the real Jenna?

I guess I now understand why the blue check mark is important in a way I didn’t before.

But if the real Jenna does eventually take over this JennaMarbles username, maybe my coins will be worth more?

I think I’ll HOLD.