anyone will give you a penny

understanding Diamonds

So each diamond was not easy to acquire. Well, sort of. A Diamond is a penny. And anyone will give you a penny right? It’s basically worthless and you sometimes throw them into ponds for good luck.

Keep in mind liking a post on BitClout doesn’t give the person a penny. That just makes a little heart appear on the post.

But notice above BeActive has given me 3 diamonds. And that $611.83 means a penny from that account is nice, but, a penny from MarioNawfal - well at $16,069.68 that’s a different penny! Had Mario given me a penny back when that account was only $611.83, today at $16.069.68 it would be worth 27 BeActive diamonds.

But think about the emotion that BeActive or Mario feels when giving out a Diamond. It’s still that same, oh here have a penny feeling. Also, I love giving out my own diamonds because it means I’m increasing the number of people that hold my currency.

So give a penny of your currency to your friend when you are just starting out. Your friend keeps that penny and years later it could be worth something crazy, say $50,000… but if one penny of YOUR currency is worth that much someday, will you regret the transaction? Probably not. You might have a few hundred thousand or millions of your own currency that you still own.

How do you get your price to increase? Do good work:

When you blow up on twitter with hundreds of retweets and likes etc. its just not the same thing over in bc land. When you blow up here, you hear cha-ching cash register noises; either by people giving you diamonds, or people seeing your price and thinking that’s low, I’ll buy some. But what was the good work I did to get people to do this?

I did something. I saw this low hanging fruit of a missing open source CLI in the bitclout universe so I wrote it and started posting about it.

Thank you barrymode! And now the score card:

I started my coin with just a free account on and then I added $100 BTC and purchased 8 of my own coins a few weeks ago. And that’s worth $800 today, amazing. Also cue the Terminator music soundtrack:

Great re-clout! Am I saving the world? I’m not sure, but maybe alexandrak is?