Market Demand for `electricity_use` field

There is definitely a market demand for a new electricity_use field in APIs like coinmarketcap as you can see from this post. And after the dressing down from Maher, I’ve been thinking for weeks, where do I belong in this green debate.

I used to think it was a no-brainer that any smart person would be path 2.

But it is a rather complex issue. The other side:

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto would NOT be screaming path 2! It was intentional to “waste” this much electricity just like:

    Because, requiring this much of a resource like an electron means something. Just like requiring the AU (gold) resource means something. And, this is in fact better than proof-of-stake because forcing people to have money before they can make money is… the old system?

  2. We use energy in all sorts of wasteful ways, why attack just proof-of-work crypto servers? Picture the Facebook data center. Thousands of computers, all on, all running Facebook. Is that allowed but bitcoin is not? Who is going to decide which computers can be on and for what purpose?

  3. Innovations like:

    That’s an under-water datacenter where it can even do something useful with the wasted heat energy. (Desalination? Fresh drinking water?) Think about filling our oceans with these things and eventually getting them running green. This is obviously happening anyway for all the Facebook severs. Isn’t BTC just making that happen faster?

  4. Your favorite new green currencies like ADA and ALGO or IOTA might be amazing proof-of-stake don’t need to “waste” energy like BTC does but that means there will never be just one big one. They are too easy to start. The digital equivalent of Fool’s Gold or cubic zirconia it’s amazing how you can make something so pretty so cheaply and yet… it’s just not the real thing.

But all that other side stuff, aside, and maybe I really like the cubic zirconia stuff! There’s nothing wrong with liking efficiency. Long story short, my coins of interest list is now:

And I sure would like to see electricity_use in that list above.